1. MAIN STAGE CONCERT SEATING: The concert area opens one hour before show time each day. All seating is on a first come, first served basis each day. There is no reserved seating. Bring your own lawn chair or blanket. All seating must be removed at the end of each night.

2. MAIN STAGE SEATING AREAS: The main stage has three spectator sections – the front is is standing room only, chairs and blankets are permitted behind the standing room section and pop-ups are permitted in the rear of the concert field (space is limited).

3. TARPS & BLANKETS: Patrons may place ONE tarp or blanket in the Main Stage concert area each day. Maximum size: 8′ X 8′. Saving space for others is not allowed.

4. UNOCCUPIED SEATS: Seating that is left unoccupied may be used by others while they are vacant. If you return to find someone in your seat, kindly let the occupant know that you have returned and need your seat back. This allows fans to enjoy a better seat for a short time and also assures that artists aren’t playing to empty seats. If you don’t want people sitting in your seats, kindly take them with you.

5. SUNSHADES: Sunshades, umbrellas, canopies, etc. may be set up BEHIND signs in the concert area. The signs say “No sunshades beyond this point.” Please do not set up any shelter that will block the view of others in front of this line. Thank you in advance.

5. BAG CHECK: We have a bag check at the gate to the Concert Area. The following items are not allowed through the festival gates: glass bottles, (including glass jars of salsa, dip or olives, etc) alcoholic beverages, cooking devices and pets.

6. HANDICAPPED TRANSPORTATION: We provide transportation for handicapped individuals. Ask at the information booth (just inside the main gate) for assistance and for the phone number of the transport.

7. ALCOHOL POLICY: Rhythm & Roots has a license to sell beer and wine in the concert area. A Town of Charlestown Park Ordinance prohibits anyone from bringing alcoholic beverages into Ninigret Park, including the festival campground. Any alcohol brought onto town property may be confiscated and violators will be subject to expulsion from the park with the loss of festival privileges.