Medical Help – The medical tent is staffed until midnight. After midnight, call 401.364.7744 for first aid or 911 for a medical emergency. The tent is staffed with licensed professionals. In an emergency, if you’re not near the medical tent, find a volunteer with a radio, or notify the nearest security personnel so they can get you whatever help you may need.

Water Refill Station – Stay hydrated! And pace yourselves! A water refill station is available between the swimming pond and the Family Stage.

Alcohol Policy – Rhythm & Roots has a license to sell beer and wine in the concert area. A town of Charlestown park ordinance prohibits anyone from bringing alcoholic beverages into Ninigret Park, including the festival campground. Any alcohol brought onto town property may be confiscated by town police and violators will be subject to expulsion from the park with the loss of festival privileges.

Covid Health Procedures

POLICY: Due to a rapid increase in COVID 19 infections and the rise of the Delta variant among the unvaccinated population in the country, the Rhythm & Roots Festival will be instituting the following health and safety protocols:

To gain admittance, anyone entering the festival grounds or campground must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within the previous 72 hours. Such proof can be presented on a mobile device or as a physical card. This measure will be taken to protect our patrons, staff, musicians, volunteers and vendorsThere will be no exceptions. Masks are not required but are highly recommended. 

Common Questions Answered (FAQ) 

Q: Can I show my proof of negative test, or vaccination card from my mobile device?
Does vaccination card need to be printed?

A: Showing your proof of negative test or vaccination on a mobile device will suffice.

Q: Do kids need to show a negative test for entry too? 

A: No, but unvaccinated children under 12 should be prepared to wear masks.

Q: What about kids under two years old? Do they need to wear masks?

A: We ask all children 12 & under to mask since they cannot be vaccinated. However, RI DOH says that those under two years old should not wear masks, and we defer to them on matters related to public health (…/Rhode_Island_Masking_FAQ.pdf). Therefore your little one is welcome to attend without a mask. We do suggest you maintain social distance and practice good hand washing, etc. to mitigate any issues for you or your little one while you enjoy the music.

Q: What about food and craft vendors and staff? What about volunteers? Do they need to show proof?

A: Everyone has to show proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID test. NO Exceptions.

Q: Do I have to show my card or results each day? How do I get in on Sunday if I can’t get a recent test 72 hours before?

A: Once you get a wristband, that means that you have already shown proof.

Q: Once I have a wristband, do I still have to show my card/test result each time I re-enter through the gate?

A: No. Once you have a wristband, you do not need to show proof again.

Q: Are rapid test results also accepted?

A: Yes.

Q: I’ve been vaccinated (and have a card), but have some symptoms. Can I still come to the festival?

A: If you have any symptoms associated with COVID or another transmissible illness, we ask you to please stay home until you have a confirmed negative COVID test in addition to your vaccination. In all cases, we ask that you follow all suggested RI-DOH guidelines and common sense mitigation measures.


Concert Security – Charlestown police are on site 24 hours a day. The Rhythm & Roots security office is located next to the ticket gate. Phone is 518.376.4502. All bags are searched upon entering, so be mindful of this when considering what to bring. No glass, alcohol or pets are allowed.

Campground Security – The Rhythm & Roots security office, next to the ticket gate, is available 24 hours a day. Phone is 518.376.4502. Additionally, to keep our campground safe and comfortable for all, we ask campers to follow these rules:

  • Contained cooking fires only in the camping area; open ground fires are prohibited.
  • Alcohol in the camping area is prohibited.
  • No pets.
  • No amplification of recorded or live music after midnight.

Emergency Vehicle Access – Please park in designated areas and don’t block access. Walk on the sides of the roads, and please let all official vehicles through.

Lost Child/Parent Center – Parents and children should make a plan on what to do if they get separated, but sometimes a backup is needed. Rhythm & Roots offers a Lost Child/Parent Center at the medical tent. Announcements will be made from the main Rhythm Stage as soon as possible.


Accessible Parking – Accessible parking spaces are available near the festival main entrance.

Transportation – A hospitality golf cart is available to shuttle festival guests from the parking lot and campground to the festival entrance during concert hours.

Wheelchair Access – Rhythm & Roots strives to make the festival accessible to all. Ninigret Park was once used as a naval air station, so the festival grounds are flat. However, the Rhythm & Roots concert and food areas are located off an asphalt pathway on a grassy area.

Accessible Camping – An accessible camping area with accessible portable toilets is available.

Service Animals – Service animals are allowed with credentials. No pets.