Volunteer Appreciation Package*

Please read through the notes to see if volunteering is for you and then Apply Below!

  • Admission to the festival

  • Staff t-shirt to be worn while working

  • Nutritious snacks, light meals and beverages served in Roots Cafe.

  • Free Showers

  • Heaps of appreciation from others and self-satisfaction for a job well done.

  • Volunteer Appreciation Raffles

Role Descriptions

Brief Description: This crew welcomes the musicians to the festival and provides them with credentials and information. The welcome tent and artist parking lot are just outside the festival grounds.

Requirements: BIG SMILE! We are the first onsite festival contact for these folks. Must be friendly and cooperative, understanding that the musicians have often travelled long distances after late nights to join us, and need a respectful and efficient administrative check-in experience. Ability to stand and lend a hand with parking and traffic when necessary.

Crew Chief: Beth Williams

Brief Description: set up and maintain RHYTHM STAGE Artist Hospitality area. Serve food and beverage, and maintains the dressing rooms.

Requirements: lift up to 40 lbs, carry cases of beverages, walk up and down stairs, be discreet, and conscientious of musicians space and privacy, have a good and helpful attitude.

Crew Chief: Paula Giocastro

Brief Description: Sell artist merchandise (CDs, videos, T-shirts, etc.) in the Rhythm & Roots merchandise area.

Requirements: Cashiering skills a must including the ability to make accurate change. Excellent people skills and organizational skills needed. All crew members are on their feet the entire time on duty.  Shifts are scheduled one hour before the music until one hour after the music Friday through Sunday.

Crew Chief: Mary Phennicie

Brief Description: Maintain festival camping areas. Work includes, helping campers locate camping spots, guarding the camping entry gates, and ensuring that campers comply with rules throughout event.

Requirements: Know the camp rules, be confident in patrolling the camp area and tell patrons politely if they are breaking rules, valid driver license to drive golf cart.  Crew works Thursday – Thursday. This crew operates 24 hours a day, so expect at least one “graveyard” shift.

Crew Chief: Dave Murray

Brief Description: Set up festival camping areas. Work includes setting up roadways to safety specifications set forth by the Fire Chief.

Requirements: Lift and carry 50 lbs, work on feet for hours, use of arms and shoulders to hammer in sign and fence posts, set up signage, fencing, facilities throughout camping area. Crew works Saturday-Wednesday setting up the camping areas, Thursday helping with Patrons getting into the camping area and  Labor Day Monday for taking down fencing and signs.

Crew Chiefs: Karen Nash & Matt Chmura

Brief Description: Provide transportation to and from camp sites, parking and festival site for those with mobility issues, using a 6 passenger golf cart, throughout the festival hours.

Requirements: Must have valid driver license, and be able to assist passengers in and out of the golf cart, must be sober and courteous. Friday-Sunday schedule.

Crew Chief: Bryan Yemma

Brief Description: Sell festival merchandise (T-shirts, hats, etc.) in the Rhythm & Roots merchandise area.

Requirements: Cashiering skills a must, including the ability to make accurate change. Excellent people skills and organizational skills needed. All crew members are on their feet the entire time on duty.  Shifts are scheduled one hour before the music until one hour after the music Friday through Sunday. If you are available for Friday Setup and Sunday loadout, please let the crew chief know.

Crew Chief: Craig Martin

Brief Description: Greeters/Welcoming crew must be full of energy and willing to converse with R&R patrons. This Crew sets the vibe for the festival. Patrons will be looking to this crew for guidance and directions.As a greeter your job is to make the patrons feel welcome, tell their friends and want to come back. This Crew will either be at the main gate or at the camping gate, throughout the festival.
Like the traffic crew, let’s have fun with this.Crazy hats and accessories are welcome.

Requirements: High energy, able to stand and move around, and like to greet patrons and help where needed.

Crew Chief: Dani Brooks Petsch

Brief Description: Provide information about the festival and the surrounding South County, RI area. Conducts festival survey. Help ensure that the public has a pleasant experience.  Also responsible for lost and found items.

Requirements: Must like working with people, have good communication skills, have a fun, can-do attitude, and be resourceful.

Crew Chief: Deb Coty

Brief Description: Pick up trash, recycling and keep festival grounds clean.

Requirements: Some heavy lifting required, walk up and down stairs, carry trash bins and trash bags, walk and pick up small trash around the grounds. Bring work gloves, rain gear, sunscreen, protective shoes and a great sense of humor!  Volunteers should arrive Wednesday afternoon/evening for check in, orientation and scheduling. Shifts begin on Thursday. Monday shifts available for a stipend.

Crew Chief: Drew and Jake Tedeschi

Brief Description: Monitor and maintain public showers. Monitoring the shower lines plus shower cleaning duties.

Requirements: Must be able to go up and down stairs, bend to clean, and carry supplies. Shifts begin on Thursday morning and run until Monday morning.

Crew Chief: Patricia O’Hara

Brief Description: Set up the festival site including tents, dance floors, camping and stages prior to the start of the festival. Maintain and troubleshoot throughout the festival; tear down site after the festival.

Requirements: Heavy lifting. Construction, carpentry, or event set-up experience required. Shifts begin Saturday before the festival. This crew works long hours, pre-festival and post-festival, receives three hot meals per day from Fluffy’s Cafe. Stipend for working on Clean up Crew.

Crew Chief: Joe Natale

Brief Description: Set up and keeps the volunteer hospitality tent stocked.

Requirements: Follow directions, stand for long periods, understand food service and cleanliness, be kind to other volunteers and the public. Kitchen Crew will be cleaning, chopping, preparing light meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also cleaning kitchen area, seating area, and washing dishes.  Abilities: Make Change, customer service, be able to lift and carry cases of soda, water, candy. Cafe Volunteers should arrive to work on Thursday morning for breakfast.

Crew Chief: Chris Mattson

Brief Description: Sell tickets and places wristband on attendee.

Two types of positions available.

Cashier: Must have computer, tablet and typing skills as well as experience in handling $$ and credit cards.

Bander: Exchanging the customers e-ticket, $$ or Credit Card with the cashier for a wristband to be applied to the customers wrist.

Requirements: You must be physically fit, as you will be on your feet for 4 hours each day. Must have good people skills and the ability to work at a fast pace. Bring a flashlight, rain gear, sunscreen, etc. 3 four hour shifts, 1 morning,  1 afternoon and 1 evening. Volunteers should arrive Thursday afternoon/evening for check in. Shifts begin Friday,  8 am.

Crew Chiefs: Mary and Wolf Leary

Brief Description: Handle parking, maintain safe traffic flow, and ensure general vehicular safety around the site.  Bring flashlight, rain gear, sunscreen, protective shoes, etc. Bikes are very useful here! Volunteers should arrive Thursday afternoon/evening for check-in and assignment. Shifts begin at 10am Friday.

Requirements: This crew operates 24 hours, so expect one “graveyard” shift.  Volunteers should arrive Thursday afternoon/evening for check-in and assignment. Shifts begin at 10am Friday.

Crew Chief: Jack Spence

Brief Description: Check in and provide information to volunteers, guests and the press. Job requires strong people skills and good knowledge of the festival.

Requirements: Must work 4 hours per day including one morning shift, one afternoon shift and one evening shift. Shifts begin Thursday at 9am.

Crew Chief: Maureen Fahey

Pre and Post fest opportunities have been filled