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Joe Natale


Joe Natale Makes Every R&R Opening a Smooth One   It takes a village to create a village.   Just ask Joe Natale, who wrangles

Joe Natale2022-01-21T16:54:32-04:00

Pete MacPhee – Festival Artist


Pete MacPhee, the artist who designed the bold, distinctive Rhythm & Roots T-shirts last year, is back with two new designs and another offering

Pete MacPhee – Festival Artist2022-01-21T16:54:35-04:00

Pam Weeks


Love Cajun Music? Never Heard of it? Kids Can Try it Out for Free! Pam Weeks didn’t grow up playing the fiddle. As a

Pam Weeks2022-01-21T16:54:40-04:00

Cindy Sterling Clark Puts a Perfectionist’s Touch on Garbage


Cindy Sterling Clark Puts a Perfectionist’s Touch on Garbage For Cindy Sterling Clark, Rhythm & Roots isn’t about music and dancing, it’s about trash. “Isn’t

Cindy Sterling Clark Puts a Perfectionist’s Touch on Garbage2022-01-21T16:54:44-04:00

Sarah Policare-Vernick – Second-Generation Volunteer


Sarah Policare-Vernick, Second-Generation Volunteer, Makes Festival a Tradition Sarah Policare-Vernick recalls missing part of the Rhythm & Roots festival for freshman orientation at Curry

Sarah Policare-Vernick – Second-Generation Volunteer2022-01-21T16:54:46-04:00
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