I’d like to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone who helped make Rhythm and Roots 2019 a great success. Especially the staff, crew chiefs, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to pull off another wonderful festival. Also, a big thanks to the musicians, sponsors, food and craft venders for another great year! There are too many individuals to name here but you all know who you are. The feedback from the public has been very positive about this year’s fest and it is due to all of you who went above and beyond to make it happen.

I would like to acknowledge one person though who was a superstar this year. My wife, Deb Wentworth, broke her ankle the week before the festival but never let that slow her down one bit. She worked the week prior, put in sixteen hour days during the show and worked throughout the four day take down. She is by far the strongest person I know. All my love to her for having my back these past fifty plus years.

Thank you all again and stay tuned. Who knows what the future has in store for us,