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Terry & the Zydeco Bad Boys

Terry Domingue grew up in in the heart of French Louisiana and, coming of age in this hotbed of Cajun and Creole culture, he developed a passion for zydeco which he first heard at Creole Cowboy trail rides he attended with his father. At these community gatherings, four-year-old Terry would stand at the foot of the stage, enthralled by the accordion. After teaching himself to play, Terry got his first accordion at the age of eight. In 2001, he formed his own band, Terry & the Zydeco Bad Boys, carrying deeply traditional zydeco into the 21st century, holding true to the genre’s roots though traditional instrumentation, two-step and waltz rhythms, and French lyrics highlighting the trials and joys of life in Creole Louisiana.

The band has become a favorite of zydeco fans everywhere, and continues to earn praise for playing some of the most interesting zydeco today, both highly innovative and deeply respectful of tradition. In addition to Creole influences, Terry draws upon Cajun music, plus nods to swamp pop, R&B ballads, and more. He proudly sings both traditional and original compositions in French, and has recorded zydeco classics by legends like Boozoo Chavis and John Delafose. For Terry, playing this music serves a higher purpose. “Music, to me, is my therapy,” he explains. “When I get on stage, I forget about all my troubles and free my soul.”

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