Project Description

Longshot Voodoo

When Carl Eddy and Matt West, formerly of the Rhode Island-based rock bands, “Krimzen” and “Obscurus” (2001-2005), were looking for a new sound and a different direction from the Hard Rock scene, they recruited Adrienne West, a member of the legendary “Ken Lyon and Tombstone Blues Band” (2007-2009) to front their new acoustic project. Soon, the trio felt it was time to evolve to another level and sought the percussive stylings of Don “DC” Culp, Motif Magazine’s “2010 Percussionist of the Year” of “Gary Guitar & The Grinders”, “John Cafferty & Beaver Brown” and endorsed by Vater Drumsticks / “Everyone’s Drumming” custom made drums & percussion. As their distinct diverse styles combined and the grooves grew from the four musicians, Longshot Voodoo was born.

The band released their 2013 EP “Zen Cave Mojo” and followed up with a Motif Magazine Best Americana Act Nomination in 2015. Over the past years, in the secrecy of the mystical Zen Cave, the members of Longshot Voodoo have begun to tap into the spiritual realms of Roots Music and folklore inspiring the eclectic sounds of their forthcoming album “Voodoo Radio”.

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