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Ed Poullard & Preston Frank
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For many Rhythm & Roots Festival-goers, one of the yearly highlights is listening and dancing to these two masters of traditional Creole and zydeco music playing together and returning as artists-in-residence.

As one of the most widely recognized caretakers of the Creole fiddle tradition, Ed Poullard extends his musical virtuosity to the accordion as well. He has taken his love of the accordion even further, gaining renown making and selling accordions that are cherished by the musicians lucky enough to own them. Preston Frank is a shining light in the zydeco world, a link to the traditional Creole sounds of years gone by, and is considered to be an important force in the preservation of that music. A member of one of the great zydeco families, which includes his well-known son Keith Frank, accordionist Preston can trace his musical lineage at least as far back as his fiddle playing great-great-grandfather.

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