Chas Justus & the Jury

Chas Justus & the Jury
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Chas Justus & the Jury

Chas Justus and the Jury carry the torch of  Western Swing with a pronounced spicy Louisiana flavor to today’s dancefloors. If some of the members look familiar, it’s because they also showcase their exceptional talents with some of our favorite bands from the Lafayette, La, area and, as members of the Jury, prove their eclectic musical skills.

Chas Justus was born in Mississippi, but spent his adolescence in Memphis TN, where his activities often centered around the thriving music scene of the legendary Beale Street. Moving to Louisiana for college at Louisiana State University, he fell in with other young musicians, among them now-Jury members drummer Glenn Fields and fiddlers Daniel Coolik and Kevin Wimmer, eventually forming The Red Stick Ramblers in 1999. Combining elements of Cajun and Western Swing into a melange that was infectious and danceable, The Ramblers quickly became darlings of the festival circuit. The Ramblers officially disbanded in 2012, and Justus and five members of The Ramblers then formed The Revelers, taking on a more concentrated Louisiana feel, exploring accordion driven Cajun and Zydeco. Justus, along with musical director Daniel Coolik, then formed The Jury to scratch that Western Swing itch. In addition to Chas and Daniel, The Jury includes drummer Glenn Fields, bassist Trey Boudreaux, and saxaphonist Chris Miller—also all members of The Revelers—and fiddler Kevin Wimmer who plays with Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys. In 2016, they were anointed by the Western Swing champion Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel, when they were asked to collaborate in a string of concerts.



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