Project Description

Charlie Marie

Providence, RI native Charlie Marie makes country music for the modern world, with a sound that bridges the gap between Nashville and New England. Fusing together old-school traditions and fresh perspectives, she has been a songwriting trailblazer since her teenage years. Charlie Marie fell in love with country music at 10 years old, after a music teacher compared her voice to that of Patsy Cline, and by 16 she was fronting her own band, playing at fairs and festivals all over New England. Her voice–brazen one minute, serene and hushed the next, was always commanding, but it was her exceptional songwriting skill, developed once she moved to Nashville for college, that truly set her apart. Her songs reflect her own life and experience, not as some guitar-strumming southern belle, but s a proud outsider in love with country music, while living far from the genre’s Bible-belt headquarters. Ramble On, Charlie Marie’s debut album, shines a neon light on her updated brand of classic country.