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Cedryl Ballou & The Zydeco Trendsetters

A native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Cedryl Ballou began playing music at the tender age of five, making his professional debut as a drummer with his grandfather, legendary guitar pioneer Classie Ballou, at the age of 11. His future as a frontman was inevitable—both Cedryl’s father, Cedric Ballou, and step-grandfather, “Rockin’ Sidney” Simien, were successful touring musicians, and Cedryl grew up steeped in Creole music and culture. 

“Being raised in a family of musicians gave me the chance to learn the ropes,” says Ballou, “but also the freedom to try new things. This music is all about people—people change, and the music changes with us. ”

A young but seasoned zydeco musician and singer, Ballou shifts easily from drums to accordion and vocals, fronting the Zydeco Trendsetters and touring extensively with regional Zydeco artists, including Andre Thierry, Corey Ledet, Rosie Ledet, Step Rideau and Soul Creole.

On Country Roads, Cedryl’s playing is equal parts tradition and innovation. His original songs speak to life in south Louisiana, with an undeniable groove that gets you, and keeps you, on your feet. With this first release on Maison Fou Records, Ballou promises to follow in his family’s well-worn footsteps as a powerful, authentic force in Zydeco music.

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