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Project Description

Trigger Hippy

The members of Trigger Hippy have traveled a long road to harness together their collective roots, ranging from country, Delta blues, R&B and gospel to Southern rock and funk. Co-founders Black Crows drummer Steve Gorman and songwriter bassist Nick Govrik first met a jam session organized by Govrik shortly after Gorman moved to Nasville in 2004. The first incarnation of Trigger Hippy took place in 2009 at a benefit for the Allman Brothers Big House Museum, resulting in a 2014 album that included Joan Osborne and Jackie Greene. After a lengthy break, the present-day lineup emerged with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ed Jurdi (Band of Heathens) and vocalist/sax player Amber Woodhouse joining Gorman and Govrik. Their 2019 album Full Circle and Then Some spotlights Trigger Hippy’s patented call-and-response duets and three-part vocal harmonies, with a stylistic range that encompasses traditional country plaints, rock, blues, swamp-pop, bayou grooves and even some psychedelia thrown in for good measure.


“We’ve come Full Circle & Then Some,” goes the chorus to the title track of Trigger Hippy’s sophomore album, and it’s the perfect description of the long road these experienced musicians have traveled to harness their collective roots – from country, Delta blues, R&B and gospel to Southern rock and funk. Trigger Hippy co-founders, Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman and songwriter bassist Nick Govrik, believe the band’s sophomore album, on Turkey Grass Records distributed by Thirty Tigers, embodies the music and vision they’ve chased since the two met 15 years ago.

For Steve, working with Thirty Tigers is personally significant: it reunites Gorman with Thirty Tigers founder/owner David Macias. Over 30 years ago, Macias played a pivotal role in the development of first recording contract for The Black Crowes.

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