Project Description

Jesse Lége

Bringing foot stomping’ Cajun music to the world one dance hall at a time… Jesse Lege is the Real Deal!

For more than 40 years Jesse Lege, originally from Guydan LA, has been bringing traditional Cajun dance hall music from the dusty back roads of southwest Louisiana, coast to coast and around the world, playing everywhere from local neighborhood dance halls to the largest international festivals. 

Today, Lege is one of the most-admired Cajun accordionists and vocalists from Southwest Louisiana. He has garnered numerous Cajun French Music Association awards in many categories, including original song for “Memoires Dans Mon Coeur”. In addition to his rich accordion style and soulful singing, his knowledge and vast repertoire that includes many of the earliest recorded and shared Cajun songs is treasured by everyone from other Cajun musicians to the first-time listener.

Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew brings you deep into Cajun tradition, with Accordion and Vocals: Jesse Lege;  Fiddles: Darren Wallace (who hails from Lafayette LA and played for many years with esteemed Cajun band, File’), and Missy Roser;  Guitar: Erica Weiss;  Bass: Evelyn Schneider;  and drums: Kit GarovoyJesse Lege & Bayou Brew will bring a smile to your face and get your toes tapping with driving Cajun rhythm, and will melt your heart with soul-stirring songs too!

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