Los Texmaniacs

2014 Festival

Max BacaCombine a hefty helping of Tex Mex conjunto, simmer with several parts Texas rock, add a daring dash of well-cured blues, and R&B riffs, and you’ve cooked up the tasty Grammy winning Texmaniacs groove. 

Founder Max Baca (bajo sexto, vocals) is a legend on the bajo sexto, a twelve string guitar-like instrument, which customarily provides rhythm accompaniment for the button accordion, thus creating the core of the conjunto sound. Max is being credited as turning a traditional folk/roots/conjunto instrument hip again, attracting young, new audiences while maintaining his roots in traditional conjunto. 

 Los Texmaniacs lineup is
Max Baca (lead vocals & bajo sexto), Josh Baca (Accordion ),  Noel Hernandez(bass,  backing vocals) and Danny Martinez (drums).

These Guys play a fantastic “Tex Mex Blues,”  a genre indigenous to South Texas, particularly San Antonio and regions south thereof.  Check out the tonal banter between electric guitar and bajo sexto (baho sexto) on this video.  YouTube Preview Image

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One Response to Los Texmaniacs

  1. Al Epstein says:

    Looking forward to dancing to your music. Wish you were at a dance venue more than just Friday. Last time this Yankee danced to this was to Freddy, Doug and Flaco! You’re in good company.

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