Health, Safety, and Accessibility 2018-04-13T14:25:28+00:00

Rhythm & Roots takes your comfort, health and safety seriously.

The festival offers the following services:

Handicap Transportation – Individuals needing transportation to the stages can ask for a ride at the information booth or front gate during concert hours.

24-hour First Aid – The medical tent, near the festival entrance, is staffed until midnight. After midnight, call 401.364.7744 for first aid or 911 for a medical emergency.

Security – The Rhythm & Roots security office is located next to the ticket gate. Phone is 518.376.4502.

Lost Child/Parent Center – Parents and children should make a plan on what to do if they get separated, but sometimes a backup is needed. Rhythm & Roots offers a Lost Child/Parent Center at the First Aid tent. Announcements will be made from the stage as soon as possible.